Norman Rockwell Christmas

Norman Rockwell is one of the most beloved American painters of all time. In his art, he captured the essence of American culture and tradition.

Included among his paintings are numerous Christmas scenes and reminiscences that are sure to bring back your own childhood memories of the holiday season.

Holiday Fun

A great way for your kids to enjoy each day of the Holiday season is with an Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendars have a door for each day in the month of December, and behind each door is a piece of chocolate with a Christmas-themed image on it.

Your kids will love counting down the days to Christmas every year and getting their piece of chocolate each day!

Some advent calendars have pictures behind the doors, while still others are constructed of wood and have a toy for each day. The kind of advent calendar you get for your family is something they'll cherish for life as a fond Christmas memory.

Narnia Christmas

Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus, from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis