An Amish Christmas

We all know the Amish don't use electricity, automobiles, or telephones. But have you ever wondered what an Amish Christmas is like?

You won't find elaborately decorated Christmas trees, tons of presents or Christmas lights on the front of an Amish home.

But Amish homes are often decorated with pine boughs and candles, children exchange simple gifts like paper products or knitting kits, and families will exchange similar gifts with other families. Special cookies and candy are often made as special Christmas treats, and some Amish will send Christmas cards to their non-Amish friends.

The Amish celebrate both Christmas on December 25th, and "second Christmas" on the 26th. Second Christmas is a day for relaxing and visiting with friends and family. Highlights of the Christmas festivities include gatherings at the small one room school houses to showcase craftwork as the children perform Christmas-themed plays.

Now THAT is an old time Christmas.

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