Christmas trees: Real or Fake?

Fathers and sons have gone trudging through the woods in search of a Christmas tree about this time of the season every year for centuries.

Fragrant pine trees have been a symbol of the season since 16th century Germany, where children collected fruit and candy to decorate the branches of the Tanenbaum in their living rooms and town squares.

Today, however, artificial trees take the place of the real thing in many living rooms across America. There are some real advantages to fake Christmas trees, including:

  • less expensive in the long run than real trees

  • no needles to sweep up

  • nothing to water

  • minimized fire hazard

  • easy setup

  • easy storage

  • save a tree

That said, we here at Old Time Christmas think there are some obvious advantages to a real Christmas tree, like the authentic pine scent, the look and the ambience of a real tree, and the novelty of having a pine tree from the forest in your living room.

Plus, if you're concerned about sparing a tree from being cut down, you can rent a living Christmas tree which will then be replanted!

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