Nintendo Wii Warning

Getting your child a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year? Check out this "Wii Encounter":

"I was playing on my new Nintendo Wii yesterday, Wii tennis actually, and there were two incidents worth hearing about.

First, you should know that once I get into something I'm into it nonstop until I get sick of it, all day long and through the night.

So I was playing this tennis game for hours, kind of making a joke of the fact that I wasn't paying attention to anyone or anything else. And I was havin' a blast, just laughing and jumpin' around like an idiot for hours.

Now this started to annoy my younger sister, who kept saying she was tryin' to sleep and she had to get up early and blah blah blah. So around 8:30 she comes into the room to see if I'm sick of it yet, and I smack her in the face with my backhand. My tennis backhand, accidentally.

This, needless to say, didn't go over too well.After that I was all fired up, and by 11 PM I had been playing on that thing for almost seven hours straight, so my hands and arms were pretty weak and tired. So in a last ditch attempt at a power serve, I lost my grip on the damn controller and spiderwebbed my 3 month old Hitachi flatscreen. Cracked it like a broken windshield. I haven't slept since.

So anyway, keep the door locked and use the safety straps."

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