Cool Christmas Gifts for your Pet

What could a dog want besides your love and attention this Christmas?

Well, how about a nice new sweater for those cold winter months, for starters? And maybe one of those fake stockings filled with toys and treats?

Any gift that enhances play time with your dog or cat is one they're sure to appreciate. Here are some suggestions:
  • A laser pointer. Cats will love chasing that light around. You can get some really cool ones now that have a green beam that is so strong, it will actually double as a pointer to constellations. That's right, you can point out stars with these things, no I'm not kidding.
  • Inflatable Remote control cars. Dogs will go wild trying to figure out what's going on when you drive a small remote control car around the living room. You and the fam will have a blast, and so will your dog! I recommend taking a little fabric to dress the car up to look like an animal. Race that thing out into the living room and let the mayhem begin!
  • Tennis ball launcher. Here's another one that the dog in the family will appreciate. With one of these devices, you can whip a tennis ball hundreds of feet with minimal effort. Your dog will love this, and they're gonna get completely tuckered out from using it! Plus, you'll have a blast slingshotting tennis balls.

There are so many options for getting your pet a cool gift this Christmas. Being creative about it is half the fun!

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